Industrial Sugar

Amalgamated Sugar produces pure sugar in various forms including granulated sugar, powdered sugar, and liquid sucrose. Our sugar is produced according to tight specifications on a large scale to meet the needs of customers in the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical manufacturing industries.

White Satin® Brand

White Satin® brand sugar became a registered trademark of Amalgamated Sugar Company in 1934. It is sold in an assortment of granulations and packages to meet your industrial, retail, and household needs.

Feed Products

Amalgamated Sugar produces and markets a variety of wholesome animal feed products derived from sugarbeets. Our feed products consist primarily of pulp (wet and dried), molasses, CSB, and specialty products. Our feed products are sold domestically and internationally.

How Our Sugar is Grown

  • Seeds are planted in March and April
  • Seedlings emerge in approximately 10 days
  • Leaves develop & grow in pairs
  • Photosynthesis creates sugar
  • Sugar collects in the root of the plant
  • Sugarbeets are ready for harvest in October and November

  • All sugar produced from sugarbeets or sugar cane is molecularly identical and the same pure sucrose that consumers have always enjoyed
  • Sugarbeets are an environmentally friendly, sustainable crop
  • Sugarbeets are the source of over half of the sugar produced in the United States
How Sugar Is Made

  • Sugarbeets are harvested and piled at receiving stations
  • Sugarbeets are reloaded and transported to the factories
  • Sugarbeets are washed, sliced, and soaked in hot water
  • Raw juice containing the sugar is purified and concentrated
  • Sugar is crystalized from the thick juice, then dried, cooled, and packaged

Sugar Provides Energy

Sugar provides energy for your cells and brain. It also aids in making foods more palatable.

Sustainable Crop

Sugarbeets are a sustainable and environmentally friendly crop. Modern agricultural practices reduce CO2 emissions and produce higher crop yields.

Pure Sucrose

Our sugar is pure sucrose. It is not chemically altered or bleached during processing. One teaspoon of sugar contains only 15 calories.

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Amalgamated Sugar is an innovative company offering competitive pay & benefits

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Amalgamated Sugar

The Amalgamated Sugar Company LLC produces sugar from sugarbeets grown by the 750 plus members of our parent cooperative, Snake River Sugar Company. Amalgamated Sugar produces sugar in our processing plants in Nampa, Paul, and Twin Falls, Idaho, and we make brown sugar at our facility in Nyssa, Oregon. We are now headquartered in Boise, Idaho. Amalgamated Sugar is the second largest refiner and processor of sugar from sugarbeets in the United States.

National Sugar Marketing

National Sugar Marketing LLC (NSM) is the marketing company for The Amalgamated Sugar Company LLC, Sucden Americas Corporation (Sucden), an international sugar trading organization located in Miami, FL, Southern Minnesota Beet Sugar Cooperative (SMBSC), a sugarbeet cooperative located in Renville, MN, and Spreckels Sugar Company, Inc. (Spreckels), a sugarbeet company located in Brawley, CA. NSM markets and sells all sugar produced by Amalgamated Sugar, Sucden, SMBSC, and Sprekels for the U.S. market.

ARi - Amalgamated Research LLC

Amalgamated Research LLC (ARi) is a separate, wholly-owned subsidiary of Amalgamated Sugar. ARi is a process research and development company with products including a patented fractal distribution and mixing technology, industrial separation and purification systems, ion exchange and utilization technologies, and fractal mixing and reactors to maximize symmetry and predictability.